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Dustin McNeer, the former competitor on the 22nd cycle of America’s Next Top Model, likes to get naked. Or at least, he likes to get naked and have it documented – which is part of the reason we like him. Recently, he got VERY naked on a reality TV show – and even wiggled his ass.

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Dustin McNeer naked spring break with grandad
Photos: MTV

Spring Break With Grandad is an MTV UK program in which a group of hot, young men (and women) go to a holiday destination together, but there’s a twist – they go there with their grandparents. The show is hosted by Gaz Beadle, another hunky reality TV star.

On a recent episode (108), Dustin McNeer won an award – he went with a girl named Ashleigh for some spray tanning. And of course – they were joined by Ashleigh’s grandmother…

Applying a proper spray tan involves getting naked – so getting naked he did, all the way, with just a sock covering his penis.

Dustin McNeer naked with sock
Photo: MTV

Granny was impressed! “He’s got a thick one, I think…”, she said. “Dustin has a fine butt and that sock is very impressive.”

dustin mcneer naked
Photo: MTV

Dustin then proceeds to wiggle his ass a bit, Granny gives him a hard tug just to “check him out”, and, eventually… she pulls his sock off.