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Cameron Dallas, the 22-year-old internet sensation, social influencer and hot model, is known for the pranks and games he takes part in with his buddies.

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On his latest video, Cameron plays a game of darts, filled with body dares – and ends up having to wax his [bare] chest and his treasure trail. And much screaming was heard…

Cameron Dallas shirtless gets a wax
Photo: YouTube

Cameron and each of his buddies had to throw darts, each of them throwing for someone else. Following that, they used a spinning arrow to choose one out of three “dare” options, which the person then had to do…

The boys (and a girl) had to then do things like pierce their noses, wax their eyebrows, and for Cameron, it ended up on a pretty high note – having to wax his chest was pretty easy, since he has almost no chest hair at all.

Still, if you move on to the 11:10 point, you’ll see a bare-chested Cameron on the waxing table – and when they got down to his treasure trail, that line between his pubes and his belly-button, things did get a little noisy…

Watch it right here:

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