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Cameron Dallas knows how to have fun. It looks weird sometimes, but hey, as long as he’s shirtless when he’s doing his pranks and shenanigans – we’re pleased.

And this time – Cameron slipped into a giant condom an oversized balloon. With a friend. While shirtless.

Cameron Dallas in oversized balloon
Photo: Twitter

In case you need a reminder, Cameron Dallas is a 22-year-old model, actor and internet sensation, with millions of followers on his social media accounts. He’s also a hottie.

This week’s weird moment started with this video, posted on Instagram, in which Cameron is inside a water-filled… bag? balloon? with his friend Chris Gonzalez.

It must have been a big tight for them in there, as Cameron screams “Get your skinny ass off of me!”. Watch:


Then, the two moved into separate oversized balloons:


And another closeup:

The only thing left to wonder – is Cameron naked inside that thing? One can only dream…