Cameron Dallas’ success as a social media influencer / model / hot-as-hell model / actor depends a lot on his good looks – both that incredibly-built body and that handsome face.

So for someone like that, it must have been quite brave to undergo such a radical change – and shave his whole head…

Cameron Dallas shaving his head
Photo: YouTube

Cameron Dallas, who recently turned 23-years-old, already has a history of doing crazy things with his hair. A while ago, his fans were shocked when they thought he pulled a Bieber and dyed his hair bright-yellow. THAT time, it turned out to be a wig.

Then there was that time he braided his hair. Again, Cameron’s fans (there are millions and millions of them on social media) were stunned.

And now, Cameron decided to take it a step further – and he actually shaved his entire head… (or rather – let his mother do it). Plus, he did it all in front of the camera – and posted the results on YouTube.

The fans? Shocked! Though the result is actually kind of hot… Watch it right here:

And following the shave, Cameron got… thoughtful: