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Cameron Dallas, the social media star and model, has been changing his looks drastically in recent months, with his fans debating over the new look.

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But no debating is necessary when you get a half-naked shot of Cameron in his briefs. And his fans are debating again – about a certain bulge.

Cameron Dallas bathroom selfie

Cameron Dallas is a 23-year-old model, actor and Instagram star (20.8 Million followers and counting), who used to look like a boyish (dare we say twinkish), clean-shaven toned guy, and is now trying to look like a tough, rugged looking guy who doesn’t shave.

Whether that’s better or not is a matter for another post – but we’re here to discuss his latest photo – the one that made all his fans zoom in frantically, trying to assess whether that’s the outline of a penis “hidden” in the photo.

Here, take a look:


Here’s another recent photo:


And some more:




OK, We’re done for now.

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