Cameron Dallas is a handsome social media star (and a model, and an actor) with more than 20 MILLION followers on Instagram. So when he drastically changes the way he looks – a lot of those fans get understandably worried.

Cameron Dallas new look
Photo: Instagram

First, as a reminder, here’s what Cameron looked like a short while ago – and for most of his on-screen life:

@calebnphillips clutch with the candids (but this one wasn't)

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The changes started recently when Cameron, who recently turned 23, shaved his head, right in front of the camera. At that point some fans were already worried, but he managed to pull it off and still looked good (better?) with short hair.

I have swim trunks on chilllllll!!!

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But Cameron wasn’t done. At one point, he dyed his hair… pink.

Then came the “GTA-Character-Look”, as we like to call it. Observe:

And another one, from today:


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Comments from his fans range from “Are you looking for your hair?”, to “You used to be soooo hooot… now you just look like the weird guy Justin Bieber.”

But some are still pleased, calling him “Sexy Daddy”, so who are we to complain… and hey, hair grows back, right?

" give me more feeling & attitude " – @justinrcampbell

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