Cameron Dallas, who recently turned 24-years-old, is a model, a soon-to-be-singer, and even has his own Netflix series. But most of all, he’s been known as a “Social Media Influencer” – so what could cause an influencer to… delete ALL his social media posts?

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Cameron Dallas bathroom selfie

Update: Cameron’s Instagram photos are back. But all of his past Tweets are still MIA.

To give you some background, Cameron Dallas has more than 21 MILLION followers on Instagram, and 16.3 million followers on Twitter.

He used to use Twitter as a place to interact with his fans, and Instagram was where we kept getting photos of his often-shirtless sexy body. Well, no more! At least… for now.

In the past hour, Cameron has deleted ALL of his posts on Instagram and Twitter. According to some fans, he said there’s “a new era coming” – which, for social media stars, often means deleting all their past posts and starting fresh with a new “image”.

But while we wait, Cameron’s fans are freaking out.

Because we want our Cameron photos…

But don’t worry – we can assume all will be revealed soon

At least… we hope so