There’s a lot to like about Cameron Dallas: his good looks, his sexy abs, those perky nipples, and… the fact that he loves to get naked on boats – AND post the results on Instagram.

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Cameron Dallas, if you need a refresher, is a 26-year-old model, social media influencer, actor, and a long list of additional titles.

But for us, he would always be – first and foremost – that super-hot guy who sometimes strips naked on Instagram. And on boats – yes, this isn’t the first time Cam stripped on a boat…

This time, Cameron and his long-time friend Chris Geovanni or on a boat again, keeping up with the tradition of getting naked. Then, they jumped overboard.


This is sort of what it looked like from the other side:

And this is what Cam looks like from the other side these days:

Those abs though…

And finally – Cameron Dallas wet. With a dog. Is there anything cuter than that?